✒ About me.

Hello, i'm a French cyber-security student and developper who love to learn new things.

I have made a lot of development projects especially with PHP in the past.
Now I am more into low level languages like C or .

I like to learn some new stuff, I recently started kernel development which is really interesting and SDL2 to make some 2D multiplatform graphic .

✨ Hobbies

🔧 Ricing Linux

As I use Linux as my primary operating system, I went through the fundamental question: which distribution use?

From this, I have started customize my new fresh Debian install by installing from scratch the X Server, Window Manager, notifications deamon et cetera. Dealing with config files and stuff like that.

Today, I am still improving my skills in this domain and that's partly what made me decide to write my own kernel.

Me actually writting this site from my i3wm battlestation!


💻 CTFs

Since i heared about what cyber-security is (fight against black hats to protect important data etc...), I thought it was super cool and so I made my mind and started doing CTFs

Those are pretty fun games where you need to break into a system or bypass some security to get beloved flags.
Root Me is a famous French website who do those kind of things.

🕹 Video Games

I sometimes manage to play games. I love to play at some rythm games like Osu! or StepMania.

Recently, one of my friends initiated me to the Final fantasy serie so I started playing at FF9 which is a very cool game!

Final Fantasy IX on Switch


⌨ Work

Here is a non-exhaustive list of my projects.


Kernel development project still at the state of a prototype.

The boot screen of the kernel.

kernel development

CTF writeups

Writeups of some CTFs that I have made with my team.


Music server and music players for Web and Android.


A Nintendo 3DS script used to automatically install Luma3DS custom firmware.

📍 Contact

You can find me on Twitter at @Ooggle_ where I am pretty active but you can also found me on Discord : @Ooggle#2362.

Finally, you can from time to time find me in some IRC channels like #root-me at, or #osdev, ##adventofcode, ##asm, ##C++-general at

Have a nice day! o/